• p6230014-200x200

    Feed watse cannot be recycled for human feed but some of them can be used for animal feed. This is mainly candy and bread.

  • plastic mixer 200x200  A good mixtur of the different melting temperature is needed when recycling old plastic or rubber.
  • cycycle paper mixer200x200 The Multimix mixer can be used for breaking bales with old paper.
    This is used for recycle paper or paper wool used as insulation material.

  • kitchen waste mixer200x200 Source graded kitchen waste can be composted or used for biogas after going through a shredding and mixing process.

  • compost dispenser200x200
    Multimix can be used for mixing and dispensing of compostet material, with the use 
    of a coin payment box or card payment.
  • i-ref-kom-1-200 Slurry from purification plant can be mixed with wood chips.
    The temperature will naturaly raise to 70-80 C. and take out the moist.
    The slurry smell will after this be gone.