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    Dairy feeding
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    Renewable energy
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    Straw Teknologi

Renewable energy

The Cormall Multimix is used for many different purpose using
biomaterial as renewable energy source.

The most common use is for Biogas, Pellet and briquette.


Biogas equipment

Cormall can supply even small testing units and up to large industrial
sized machines, handling all kinds of biomaterial.

On request we can deliver machnes and components in ASI 316 stell.


Bioethanol 2. generation

The preparation of the material, can be made with a Cormall process mixer.

This is a insulated mixer than can withhold 100 degrees C.
and give a very exact and constant material flow.

straw soacke 225x150

Gasification 2. generation

Cormall has the solution for preparing of the material and the feeding
of the material into the gasification.