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    Dairy feeding
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    Straw Teknologi

Straw silo

The Cormall straw silo is delivered as a building kit, which will suit the individual need for stocking the straw.


The silo can be delivered for external purpose close to a boiler room etc.
An effective extraction system assures you a smooth dosing of the straw to your equipment.


The silo is made with an inspection window.

Filling of the silo is made from straw blower or straw shredder with blower.
The surplus air can either be returned to the mill or led through the side mounted filter system.

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- Motor size, piping: 4,0kW
- Motor size, doser auger: 1,5kW

Silo size: The silo can be delivered in 11 cubic metre.
Size or can be customised to a sizwe of customer requirements

                11 m3

Diameter         2340

Height             2650

Floor height *   1120