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    Dairy feeding
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    Renewable energy
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    Straw Teknologi

Straw mill loader

Straw mill loader

Ton // t på læsser snegl x5  S: Snegl banen mm 
 0,3-1,0 150 
1,0-2,0  210 
2,0-2,8  300 

Halm mølle læsser kan fodre op til 5x HDH 770 halm møller på samme tid, den
læsser fyldes fra en MTX-H mixer shredder og halm scratcher. Den indbyggede i level
sensor forhindrer overfyldning af læsseren.

SF aspiration filters

 Reverse air filter 200x150 

 Type W/ H*  m3/h 
SF 25  1300 /1500   2500
SF 50  1300 / 2650  5000 
SF 81  2000 / 3650  8100 
SF 97  2000 / 3650  9700 
SF 114  2000 / 4150  11400 
 SF 130 2000 / 4650  13000 
SF 139 2400 / 3650 13900
SF 166 2400 / 3650 16600
SF 195 2400 / 4150 19500

*) Uden udløb kegle.



Ventilator for pneumatic converying


 Type Nm3/h  kW Pa
25  2500   4,0


60  6000  7,5 
80-1  8000  11 
80-2  8000  37 


100  10000  45 
130  13000  55 
150  15000  75 
200  20000  90 

Straw Bale Breaker for MTX_H

 SBB 2000 200x150

 L Knive T/h T/h kW 
 1800 280  10   2x 7,5
 18 2x 11 

Halmballe afbryder med 2 Ø600 snegl, fjederbelastet modskær og auto
reverse funktion til forebyggelse blokering skal leveres på en MTX_H
maskine eller eftermontere på en eksisterende MTX mixer.

Straw bale breaker

 Straw bale breaker  IMG 5584 150x200

 Kapisatet - T/h: 10   14  18
 SBB 2x 7,5 kW  1    
SBB 2x 11 kW       1
TDA 2x Ø400       
TDA 2x Ø500     
TDA 2x Ø600       
Installeret kW  23  26  33  37 

Halmballe afbryder med 2 x Ø600 snegle, til fjederbelastet modskær og auto reverse funktion forhindrer
blokering og med dobbelt udledning snegl for materiale flow kontrol.

Datablad pdf-icon

Straw Bale Breaker

 SBB 1400-200x150



Kapisatet T/h 

30 knive 


50 knive 


108 knive 


Halmballe breaker med enkelt Ø600 snegl, fjederbelastet modskær og auto reverse 
funktion til forebyggelse blokering.

Datablad  pdf-icon     

Robot feeding

The old V3, is produced since 2003 and will next year be 10 years old. 
10 years of services for farmers, daily feeding their dairy cows, heifers,
young cows....   

The new family member V4 is now ready to take over all these duties.

Robot V4

See film V4


SEe article new V4


The new V4

  v4 right side.jpg398x221 skearm side


img 6328 clip image002 img 6332 img 6327

The new V4 is made in accordance to rules and regulation for automatic vehicles. The V4 is improved by extra cover plates, the mechanics in the safety bumpers has been improved and person sensitive sensors have been added to the list of safety devices. Naturally the most important safety device is kept also on the V4, the inductive cable that keeps the machine on the same track every day, within 10 mm accuracy..

Clen and accurate:

s-robot-bord-200  img 6317  img 6325

Something’s don’t change. The V4 is also equipped with two strong brushes that can keep your feeding area clean..

remote interface and access:

ipad wifi skearm side display

The new V4 is supplied with a multi media device at your choice smart phone, tablet or laptop with a WIFI connection. All feeding schedules, service information’s, can easily be accessed through this. Further can the Cormall service team and support center see directly how the V4 is performing, make diagnose and test the machine, from any place in the world.

MANUAL access possible:

img 6322 img 6331  img 6334  img 6329
It is also possible to drive and operate the new V4 as a manual operated machine, now standing on the new drivers platform, that also provides the shield to the motor and fuel filling. The multi joy-stick has not been changed, all operations can be controlled here.

Machine data

Multifeeder V4


187 cm


400 cm


126 cm

Weight Kg

1250 kg

Feed volume in m3

3,0 m3



Diesel motor

19,8 kW (27hp) 3 cyl.

Diesel tank

20 Liter

Number of feeding lanes


Animal groups


Loading places


Animals per day